Web Services

The Last Website Design Team You'll Ever Need.

Clarity keeps your website in-step with your business.

Perfect Website

Find new ways to communicate with your audience, serve customers, and build your online reputation with a powerful brand website. 

Web Services

Support for your WordPress website and ongoing content updates.

Smart. Simple. Clean.

If you want your business to stand out online, then Clarity has you covered.

All of our websites are built to deliver a clear user interface, so visitors have a great experience on your website.


Tired of doing it yourself? You’ve got better things to do in your business than struggle with website tech.

Clarity’s expertise in websites great and small now comes conveniently-packaged for your online marketing needs.

Measure & Pivot

With Google Analytics installed on every site, you get insight on your traffic to drive marketing decisions.

With Content Management included, our team is constantly helping you make data-driven website adjustments.

Built-In Safety

Clarity keeps your code up-to-date, secures your website’s traffic with SSL certificates, and reduces spam-bot traffic to your website.

This tells your visitors (and Search Engines) that your business is legitimate and trustworthy.


Sometimes websites go offline or start looking strange.

Not only does Clarity backup your website every day, but our emergency response process expertly locates and solves any problems at hand.

The Process

Every customer goes through our tried-and-true method of creating and keeping a great website:



We work with you to plan out the functions, style, and growth strategy for your website.


The M.V.P.

We launch your new website as soon as a Minimum Viable Product is ready to represent your business online.


Care & Growth

Now that your new website is live, we work on any additional functions or content in your website.


New Ideas

Ready to launch a new design or campaign? We work to reposition your website as you go.

Always Perfecting

The “perfect” website is the one that serves your organization to its highest potential – and we have so many ways to help your website do just that:

Complex Redesigns

If you already have a large website, we'll redesign your site templates and migrate the content with minimal impact - all while hosting your existing WordPress website during the transition.

Advanced Form Building

We include Gravity Forms, a leading form plugin, on your website to build complex marketing or intake forms for your business.

Sell Online

Simple E-Commerce is included at this level - perfect for appointments, selling a single product, or taking donations.

Measure Your Funnel

Tailored Google Analytics reports show how your website helps your business grow.

Run Multiple Campaigns

Create new landing pages and libraries of content to deliver your expertise and attract new customers.

Unify Your Online Presence

Your Single-Page plan contains many ways to add external portal software... ideal for HIPAA-compliant tools and social media channels alike.

Enrich Your Platform

Whether you need a fantastic blog, custom portfolio, or simply additional useful pages for your content - Clarity extends your website and theme to contain all of it easily.

Custom Member Portals

Amplify your customer's experience or give your team a virtual home base for any non-public digital content.

Full E-Commerce*

Build a full product library and online store to produce measurable revenue through your website.

*Though we support this function in WordPress, we encourage our clients to use Shopify for most E-Commerce needs. Ask us about your specific use case!

Uncapped Potential

Request any amount of changes to your single-page website, including adding new sections and changing theme styling.

Great for All Business Sizes

Join Clarity Web Services to quickly and affordably launch a new website - without spending thousands of dollars up front.

Clear, Predictable Cost

Your website needs to live, breathe, and change with the times.

With Clarity you can forget about the hassle of requesting proposals or managing expensive hourly contractors...

Your monthly rate includes everything your website needs to evolve with your business.

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